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Our Services

The Eye and Ear is here for all Victorians. We make our services as accessible as possible through our East Melbourne base and through a network of satellite health services. For our patients and visitors, from your initial appointment, right through to your recovery after surgery, there are a number of services available to you.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Pathways

The hospital has designed clinical pathways to assist in improving the health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people attending the hospital. 


Audiology is the assessment and treatment of hearing-related  problems. Audiologists at the Eye and Ear are allied health professionals who work with patients to assess, monitor and improve their hearing and balance issues through diagnostic testing and / or treatments.


Our anaesthetists care for patients undergoing elective or emergency surgery. They are also closely involved with the pre-admission service, identifying patients who require specialised care to suit their condition or health. The Eye and Ear has a 24 hour anaesthesia service which means we can respond swiftly and effectively in emergency situations.

Cochlear Implant Clinic

The Cochlear Implant Clinic assists children and adults with severely impaired hearing through the surgical placement of a cochlear implant and pre and post operative management and is staffed by ENT specialists, audiologists and speech pathologists. Over 4,000 patients have received a cochlear implant, also known as the 'Bionic Ear', at the Eye and Ear.

Day Surgery

Our Day Surgery is one of the hospital's most vital departments. If you are coming to the Eye and Ear for elective cataract surgery for example, it is likely that it will be in our day surgery. We treat about 6000 patients each year in our day surgery unit. Many patients who are having more common eye and ENT surgery can return home to recover on the same day.

Diabetes Education

The management of diabetes eye disease requires a team approach to ensure good control of blood glucose levels, blood pressure and cholesterol. The team includes the person living with diabetes, their local GP, diabetes specialist, dietitian, podiatrist, counselor, diabetes educator and medical eye specialist. Our diabetes educator is available to provide education support and information to patients accessing the hospital services, and can assist patients to access appropriate diabetes services available within their local community area. 


In case of emergency, the Eye and Ear provides 24 hour eye and ENT care. The emergency department is located on the ground floor of the Smorgon Family Wing which is accessed via 32 Gisborne Street, East Melbourne. 

GP Liaison

If you are a GP looking for clinical information or details about how to refer a patient to the Eye and Ear, we have developed a comprehensive range of on-line resources to make things faster and more convenient. This includes referral forms, authorities, fact sheets, and a GP Liaison Officer on-site to assist with queries and implement improvements.

Human Resources

Our Human Resources department coordinates the recruitment, training and development of all Eye and Ear staff. The department is also responsible for the occupational health and safety of everyone working in the hospital. For more information about working at the Eye and Ear or advertised positions, visit the Careers page.


Communication is at the cornerstone of all we do. The Eye and Ear has an in-house interpreter service specialising in Greek, Vietnamese, Italian, Cantonese, Arabic and Mandarin. Our interpreters are here to help make visits easier by helping you to describe your conditions, ask questions and translating answers. We can also make arrangements to access a host of other interpreters. If you require assistance, please let us know in advance. To book an interpreter, please contact 03 9929 8234.


The Ronald Lowe Library, located at the Eye and Ear, is a specialist health and research library focusing on ophthalmology and otorhinolaryngology. A greater emphasis has been placed on electronic access with the transition to online-only content and the implementation of the electronic resources portal for e-journals, databases and e-books.


We have the largest orthoptic department in Victoria. Our orthoptics experts carry out eye tests in outpatient clinics. They help assess your eye condition before a specialist sees you, and help with the on-going monitoring and treatment.

Outpatient Services

You are an outpatient when you visit one of our specialist eye or ENT doctors, or an allied health professional such as an Orthoptist, without staying overnight in the hospital. Your appointment will involve an assessment of your condition and discussion about treatment options. We have outpatient clinics in East Melbourne, and throughout the Melbourne Metropolitan area. We also reach rural and regional patients through a series of mobile outpatient clinics and telemedicine. For more information about appointments in Eye and Ear outpatients clinics, please contact your GP.

Patient Transport

The patient transport and accommodation unit assists in coordinating, assessing and processing the transport and accommodation needs of hospital patients. If you are having difficulty getting to the Eye and Ear for an appointment or have special needs, the Eye and Ear has advice about how to seek assistance. 


The Eye and Ear has two onsite pharmacies in East Melbourne to provide patients with their eye and ENT medication needs. With a focus on medication safety, pharmacy staff will provide up to date information and advice for you to get the most from your medicines.
Locations and hours
Main hospital (32 Gisborne Street) 
Ground floor of the Peter Howson Wing, open between 9am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday. 
Eye and Ear on the Park (St Andrew's Place)
Upper ground floor, open Monday to Wednesday 9am to 6pm and Thursday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm.


We like to know our patients are medically fit and as relaxed as possible before their surgery. As part of our pre-admission service for younger, healthier patients, we generally phone three or four days prior to your surgery to interview you and answer any questions you may have about your procedure. If you are an older patient or have a more complex condition, we invite you in several weeks before your operation to do some tests and answer your questions about the surgery and recovery.

Speech Pathology

Speech Pathologists at the Eye and Ear work to assess and treat people with voice, communication and swallowing difficulties.


For families living in Melbourne's eastern suburbs, the Eye and Ear provides convenient, specialist ENT care for children at Taralye Oral Language Centre for Deaf Kids, in Blackburn. In conjunction with Taralye, we offer outpatient appointments and hearing assessments, and staff can refer special cases to the Eye and Ear for surgery if required. The service is located at 137 Blackburn Road, Blackburn.