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September 2018 - New Quality Assurance activity procedures

New procedures to support Quality Assurance activity (from 1 September 2018)

  • The Eye and Ear encourages Eye and Ear staff to conduct clinical audit and quality assurance (QA) activities, such as, quality improvement and audit.
  • To support QA activity, the Research Office has drafted a new Quality Assurance Project Application Form to support review and endorsement of QA projects.
    • The QA Project Application Form replaces the HREC Retrospective Review Application Form to facilitate review of QA projects that involve prospective data collection
  • The application can be submitted at any time and will usually be reviewed within 2 weeks.
  • This is not a mandatory procedure and is available for investigators/teams that would like feedback and/or a letter of endorsement for publication purposes.
  • The aim is to facilitate and enable publication of high-quality, quality assurance activity.
  • Full details including responses to FAQs are available on our Research website

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