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August 2020 - Updated Cover Sheet for new Research Projects

The Research Office has revised and updated the Research Project Application Cover Sheet from 10 August 2020.

The Research Office will accept 

  • Either Cover Sheet version until 27 September 2020
  • New Cover Sheet version only from 28 September 2020

The Cover Sheet is used by multiple stakeholders to facilitate review of the project including

  • Research Office staff to determine appropriate review pathways and for reporting purposes
  • Research Governance Officer to assess research governance elements
  • HREC members to quickly identify key information regarding the project to facilitate review
  • Supporting Departments to quickly identify key information regarding the project to facilitate review

The Cover Sheet has been split into sections to 

  • Limit questions to specific types of projects
  • Improve the split of information between projects being reviewed by Eye and Ear HREC only from projects involving the Eye and Ear as a research site
  • Improve site specific assessment when the Eye and Ear is involved in the project

For example,

  1. If the project is a low risk project, there are fewer questions required
  2. If the project involves a waiver of consent for privacy there is a specific attachment for that section, instead of being in the main Cover Sheet


We are always open to feedback regarding the Research Office procedures, please send an email to the Research Office.


Last updated 10 August 2020

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