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How to apply

Applications for the 2018-19 fellowship closed in October 2017. This page will be updated when the fellowship reopens to applications in 2019.

If you'd like to receive notifications about the fellowship, please email

Click to read more about the Peter Howson Research Fellowship.

Application format

Applications must consist of the project proposal and your CV.

Project proposal

The Project Proposal is restricted to three A4 pages (plus references) and should provide the following information:

  • Project Title
  • Name, qualifications and contact details of the applicant (principal investigator)
  • Name, qualifications and addresses of any co-investigators
  • Specific aims - the aims of the research should align with both the Eye and Ear strategic priorities and Deafness Foundation priorities.
  • Research plan
  • Significance of the study
  • Details of other financial support (including any other applications pending)
  • Budget
  • Bibliography


The names and contact details of two referees should be attached to the applicant's CV.


A requirement of this Fellowship is that the research must be carried out in Victoria.

Applicants who currently hold a major research grant (>$200,000 AUD) are ineligible.

The award may not be used to support basic science or laboratory-based projects.

Submitting the application

Electronic applications should be sent to Applicants will receive an email acknowledgement.

Hard copies are not required.

Further information

If you'd like further information regarding the fellowship or your application, please contact: