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Eye and Ear policies and procedures


Research Policy (P18.0)

Human Research Ethics Committee Procedures

  Procedure Date Next Review
RS 1.8 Administration of Ethical Review   2019
RS 1.2 Authorised Prescriber Approval Procedure 2018 2019
RS 1.0 Handling Conflicts of Interest in Ethical Review of Research    
RS 1.16 Independent Expert Advice for High Risk Research Projects 2016 2019
RS 1.15 Retrospective Review 2016 2019
RS 1.5 Suspension or Withdrawal of Approval for Conduct of Research Projects 2016 2019
RS 1.21 Use of Human Biospecimens in Research 2016 2019


Research Office procedures

  Procedure Date Next Review 
RS 1.1 Handling Research Related Complaints    
RS 1.4 Safety Monitoring and Reporting for research projects

version 6.1

21 Auguts 2019

March 2020
RS 1.7 Determining Authorship 2018 2020
RS 1.11 Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Series of SOPs    
RS 1.18 Credentialing of Eye and Ear Hospital Researchers 2018 2021
RS1.19 When a Principal Investigator Leaves the Eye and Ear Precinct 2016 2019
RS1.20 Research Data Storage, Retention and Disposal 2018 2021



Procedure Date
Protocol Deviation or Violation Reporting (RS1.3) 1 April 2019
Safety Reporting (RS1.6) 1 April 2019


Further information

Conducting research at the Eye and Ear