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Waiver of consent projects

There are defined circumstances under which researcher may use tissue or data without first obtaining consent from the individuals involved. This is termed a waiver of consent.

The Health Records Act (2001) stipulates that a waiver of consent can only be granted by a fully constituted Human Research Ethics Committee. Furthermore, a waiver can only be granted if sufficient justification is provided in line with Chapter 2.3 of the National Statement on Ethical Conduct in Human Research.

The Health Records Act (2001) also stipulates that the name of all projects operating with a waiver of consent must be publicly available.
To comply with this legislative requirement, the following table contains a list of projects that are currently being conducted at The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital using a waiver of consent:

Project Title
HREC Approval Date
19/1450HL: Changes in glaucoma referral rates 5 December 2019
19/1449HL: Outcomes of cataract surgery in patients with a previous diagnosis of scleritis 5 December 2019
19/1447HL: Improving SSNHL drug trial design using statistical modelling of observed patient data  5 December 2019
19/1434HL: Assisted local endoscopic dacrycystorhinostomy​​​​​​​ 8 August 2019
19/1427HL: Use of Artificial Intelligence to Predict Outcome of Full-Thickness Macular Hole Surgery 13 June 2019
19/1416HL: Review of optic nerve sheath fenestrations: indications and outcomes 5 April 2019
19/1412HL: The effect of surgery on the course of herpetic eye disease, with variable antiviral prophylaxis 21 February 2019
19/1411HL: Epiphora after cataract surgery 20 February 2019
19/1414HL: A Multicentre Study of Behcet's Uveitis: Clinical Presentation, Treatment and Ocular Outcomes 20 February 2019

18/1392HS: Idiopathic acquired lacrimal canalicular obstruction

25 June 2018

18/1380H: Incidence of CMV retinitis in the HIV-negative population at a tertiary referral centre 

27 April 2018

18/1392HS: Idiopathic acquired lacrimal canalicular obstruction

25 June 2018

Last updated 14 April 2019