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Partnering with Consumers

The Eye and Ear is committed to partnering with consumers in research actvities.


Moral reasons

Patients have a right to play an active and informed role in managing their disease.

It is ethical to involve patients and their carers in any decision that affects their health care (no decision about me without me).

When public funds (government or charity) are used for research, people who are affected by that research have a right to have a say how those funds are used and whether proposed research offers ‘value for money’.

Trial-specific reasons

Funding applications 

Increasing the chance that funding applications are supported, by affirming the importance and relevance of the research question.

Trial Relevance

Helping researchers focus on outcomes that are important to consumers.

Helping researchers better understand and articulate the potential participant benefit of their trial.

Trial Quality

Encouraging ongoing discussion about the best way to approach various aspects of the research or research strategy - this enables continuous reflection, challenges assumptions and as a result, often improves quality.

Improving the language and content of information provided to participants (for example in questionnaires and participant information sheets).

Ethics and transparency

Highlighting any ethical or sensitive issues that need to be addressed.

Helping researchers talk more effectively about their research to the public.

Increasing the level of openness, transparency and public accountability in the use of public funds.

Helping identify and address ethical issues - leading to faster approvals.

Recruitment and retention

Improving recruitment rates - by making trials more attractive to potential participants.

Improving retention rates - by ensuring that trials are designed to minimise participant burden.

Trial Dissemination

Expanding opportunities/routes to share research information with consumers and the broader community.

Making research findings more accessible and messages more powerful - so they have greater impact and influence on organisations up-taking and implementing those findings.

Motivation and focus

Keeping research focused on what matters most - thereby increasing research team motivation.

Giving research teams confidence that their trials are both worthwhile and viable.

Sourced from Australian Clinical Trials Alliance 


The following resources are available to assist research teams to partner with consumers


Clinical trials

What is a clinical trial? Chinese simplified (PDF) (Australian Clinical Trial Alliance)

What is a clinical trial? Chinese traditional (PDF) (Australian Clinical Trial Alliance)

What is a clinical trial? English (link to video) (Australian Clinical Trial Alliance)

What is randomisation? English (link to video) (Australian Clinical Trial Alliance)

What is a clinical trial? Greek (PDF) (Australian Clinical Trial Alliance)

What is a clinical trial? Vietnamese (PDF) (Australian Clinical Trial Alliance)


Last updated 24 November 2020