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Frequently Asked Questions

Quality Assurance

Research Office



Quality Assurance activities

Do I have to get approval to conduct a quality assurance activity?

Yes, you do need approval from the Head of Unit / Clinic / Department.

If you would like your project reviewed by the Research Office and / or considering publication and require a letter of endorsement then please submit the Quality Assurance Activity Application Form to the Research Office by email for review.

Further information


Research Office 

How long does it take to obtain a response?

The Research Office is staffed by 2 part-time staff so we aim to respond to all queries as soon as possible and within 10 business days.  We usually respond much more quickly than that.

If you have not had a response within 10 business days please contact the office directly.

There are times of the year that staff or committee members are on leave and there may be delays and we provide advanced notice on our Research Office webpage.

Refer to the Research Office webpage for further details.


Can I submit a partial application?

In summary, a complete application is required for full review however, you can submit selected documents in advance and request pre-review.   

Research Governance Authorisation

Documents can be submitted via email for pre-review or via ERM with a subsequent email requesting pre-review.

Final review and approval cannot commence until all documents including the HREC approval letter from the Reviewing HREC has been provided.


Submitting additional information prior to approval/authorisation

All documentation related to new applications including adding additional information or making changes prior to approval / authorisation must be submitted through ERM.


Last updated 15 October 2019