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Certificate of Insurance

For research projects involving a sponsor or third-party organisation, please provide a current Certificate of Insurance.

For a study conducted in Australia the following details are mandatory, as per the Victorian  Managed Insurance Authority (VMIA) Clinical Trials Risk and Insurance Guide:

  • insurance coverage for a minimum of AUD $10 million.
  • name of insurance provider
  • name of insured entity (local sponsor and must be an Australian entity)

Investigator initiated studies

The VMIA provides insurance cover to the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital for clinical trials and health and medical research. Visit the VMIA website for further information.

Eye and Ear site specific requirements

Please provide an electronic version of the insurance certificate which includes the Research Office project reference number.

Research teams are expected to provide up-to-date certificates during the course of the trial.

Additional Eye and Ear information

For assistance with certificates of insurance, please contact the Research Office.

Further information

Australian Clinical Trials website