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New applications for Research Governance Authorisation

You will need to apply for Eye and Ear Research Governance Authorisation. It is recommended that you contact the Eye and Ear Research Office before or at the time you submit your study to the Reviewing HREC to discuss the options for your application.

If you are obtaining ethical approval from the Eye and Ear Hospital HREC then site specific assessment will be automatically activated.  You may be issued a combined ethical and Research Governance Authorisation letter or a separate ethical approval letter and a separate Research Governance Authorisation letter.

If the research project is being conducted in more than 1 Victorian Public Hospital and you have ethical approval from an Accredited Victorian Reviewing HREC using the STREAMLINING REVIEW PATHWAY


If the research is being conducted in another Australian state, and you have ethical approval from a reviewing HREC through the National Mutual Acceptance scheme using the STREAMLINING REVIEW PATHWAY.

then you will need to activate Eye and Ear Research Governance Authorisation by submitting an SSA form as per the instructions below. 


Advise the Eye and Ear Hospital Research Office that the Eye and Ear Hospital has been selected as a site and the name and contact details of the Eye and Ear Hospital site PI.

Documents that can be reviewed early:

  • Protocol
  • Investigator's Brochure
  • Research Agreement
  • Indemnity
  • Insurance Certificate of Currency

If you would like these documents reviewed prior to submission of the SSA application then please send by email to the Research Office.

Documents that will be reviewed after HREC approval:

  • HREC approval letter listing the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital as an investigational site
  • Master and Eye and Ear site specific Participant Information and Consent Forms
  • Final approved Protocol


Last updated 15 January 2020