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Members of the Research Team and Application Form Signatures

Principal Investigator 

A copy of a Curriculum Vitae (CV), professional registration and GCP certificate for the Principal Investigator should be uploaded to ERM as part of the submission.


Members of the Research team 

CVs for research team members are to be submitted, if they have not been submitted to the Research Office within the last two years. 

All members of the research team must be listed as part of the 'Project Team' in the HREA and all members of the research team must sign the HREA. Please ensure that the Investigator Team Declaration is completed by all team members. These signatures can be provided in a number of ways (electronically within HREA or upload evidence of signature as a separate document). Please read the instructions carefully in the HREA relating to electronic signatures and locking of the form. Also refer below for more guidance on signatures.

All staff who have patient contact and / or are consenting patients / participants must be listed as part of the 'Project Team' on the HREA as either Investigator/Researcher or Other and then specify the role. 


Head of Eye and Ear Departments

If the project is an Eye and Ear Project, the Head of Department must also review and sign the Cover Sheet for new Research Projects.

If the Head of Department is also the Principal Investigator then the relevant Executive Director must sign the Cover Sheet for new Research Projects.



The following types of signatures are accepted by the Eye and Ear:

  1. Ink signature on hard copy document
  2. Scanned version of ink signature on hard copy document - research team must retain original hard copy ink signature 
  3. Electronic signatures
  • DocuSign

ERM Signatures and Submission Guidance is also available on the website. This two-page quick guide provides step by step instructions for signatories and those submitting an application form.

Please contact the Research Office if you have any queries about signatures.


Last updated 1 September 2020