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Streamlining Review Pathways

The Eye and Ear is committed to minimising duplicate scientific and ethical review of research projects and participating in streamlining initiatives.

The Eye and Ear HREC must review single-site research projects if the Eye and Ear is the investigation site.

The Ear and Ear HREC can also review multi-site research projects if the sites include our research partners that do not have their own HREC and / or private sites (ie private clinics).

If another Victorian public hospital is an investigational site then the project must be reviewed by a Victorian Accredited Reviewing HREC under the Streamlining Scientific and Ethical Review Framework in Victoria pathway according to the information below.

If an interstate site is an investigational site and the study has been or will be approved by a Certified Reviewing HREC then the Eye and Ear will accept the approval of that Certified Reviewing HREC under the National Mutual Acceptance scheme according to the information below.

It is recommended that Eye and Ear staff send an email to the Eye and Ear Research Office listing the known and any potential sites for the project to facilitate identifying the options for HREC and Research Governance Authorisation for the specific project.