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Medical Students

The Eye and Ear welcomes medical students on placement or to be involved in clinical audits, research projects and other activities.

There are different requirements depending on your role.

Please refer to the information below depending on your appointment.

QA/Audit Projects

Medical Students on approved clinical placement

The QA/Audit project needs approval by the Head of Unit. If involved in a QA/Audit project during the placement, access to medical records will be made available upon request to the Education Officer, Medical Workforce Unit.

Medical Students conducting a QA/Audit project
- as part of their course work through St Vincent's Clinical School (MDRP students)
- on a voluntary basis

The QA/Audit project needs approval by the Head of Unit. The medical student will need to submit the Medical Student Application for QA/Audit Purposes to the Education Officer, Medical Workforce Unit. If access to medical records is required, this will be captured within the application form and approved by the Education Officer, Medical Workforce Unit.


A QA project only requires Head of Unit approval. If the Team Leader requires a letter of institutional endorsement to provide to journal editors to facilitate publication, the Research Office provides a review procedure.  Please refer to the QA activity page for further information.

Research Projects

Medical Students on an approved HREC research project

All medical students who wish to be added to the research team of an approved HREC research project will require an honorary researcher appointment with a scope of practice of: Medical student under supervision of allocated supervisor at the Eye and Ear Hospital for all patient related activities plus access to medical records (including DHR).  Please refer to the Honorary Appointments and Credentialing Procedures page for further information.


For further details, please contact the Research Office.

Last updated 29 August 2019