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Research Governance and Research Ethics at the Eye and Ear Hospital

Before applying to the Eye and Ear Hospital HREC for ethical approval or Research Office for Research Governance Authorisation, there are essential Eye and Ear Hospital site specific elements to understand to assist with your application and conducting your research project.  It is recommended that the Principal Investigator, study coordinator and other members of the research team are familiar with these elements prior to completing an application:

  • Eye and Ear Ethical Review Pathways
  • Eye and Ear Research Governance Authorisation pathways
  • Eye and Ear policies and procedures if Eye and Ear is a research site
  • Involvement of Eye and Ear Hospital departments in research projects
  • Participant information and Consent Form
  • Fees
  • Honorary appointments and credentialing procedures

Work through the information in the Eye and Ear Site Specific Information before completing and submitting your application.

During the COVID-19 pandemic period - refer to Eye and Ear Updates during COVID-19 pandemic if

  • Eye and Ear HREC is the Reviewing HREC; and/or
  • The Eye and Ear is involved in the research project

To conduct a research project involving the Eye and Ear, the Principal Investigator will need to obtain:

  1. Ethical approval from a Human Research Ethics Committee; and
  2. Research Governance Authorisation from the Eye and Ear

There are several options and combinations for ethical approval and research governance authorisation at the Eye and Ear.

It is important to understand the options prior to submitting an application; detailed information is available below and in the Eye and Ear Site Specific Information webpage.

If you believe you are knowledgable about the Eye and Ear Site Specific Information, follow the links below to access the relevant documentation:

  • Ethical Review Pathways
    • New Application for Low Risk Research to Eye and Ear Low Risk Research Subcommittee
    • New application for Greater than Low Risk Research to Eye and Ear HREC
    • Post ethical approval project management
  • Research Governance Authorisation pathways
    • Research governance assessment aligned with Eye and Ear HREC review
    • Site Specific Assessment Pathway (SSA Applications)
    • Recruitment Authorisation Pathway (recruitment only requests)
    • Material / Data Transfer Authorisation Pathway (material and/or data only request)
    • Research Services Authorisation Pathway (research services only requests)
    • Post Authorisation project management
  • Forms Listing
  • Quick Links

Last updated 14 September 2020