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Case Reports

Medical Practitioners do not need to get Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) approval for writing and publishing a Case Report. 

Staff are required to seek approval from the Head of Unit / Clinic / Department.

Medical Practitioners should obtain patient consent.

The Medical Journal of Australia provides a template Consent Form you could use - please follow the link below to access.

Authors are encouraged to determine the requirements of specific journals early.

Journals requiring evidence of review

Some journals do require evidence of review if there are more than, say 3, case reports.

Eye and Ear staff can submit Case Reports for review and letter of organisational endorsement using the Quality Assurance project review pathway.

The Eye and Ear can provide a letter of endorsement for use of Eye and Ear patient health information.  If you are proposing to use health information of patients at other organisations, then you will also need to seek organisational approval from each organisation according to their requirements. 


Further information

The Medical Journal of Australia

British Medical Journal