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Honour for top Eye and Ear ophthalmologist

November 7, 2017

Associate Professor Alan McNab is only the fourth Australian in over 100 years to be invited to give the Robert Doyne Memorial Lecture at the prestigious Oxford Ophthalmological  Congress. This year, his research takes centre stage in his Doyne lecture ‘The Orbit as a Window to Systemic Disease’.

Every second year an ophthalmologist from overseas is invited to deliver the Doyne lecture at the Congress, one of the most important ophthalmology meetings in the United Kingdom. Associate Professor McNab was sought because of his high profile in teaching and research in his ophthalmology speciality areas.

Much of Alan’s clinical interest and research investigates the orbit as a window to ‘systemic’ diseases that affect the body generally. The orbit is the socket in which the eye and its appendages sit.

"There is a wide variety of diseases which may have orbital manifestations. This includes the thyroid condition Graves’ disease, some cancerous tumours, and the inflammatory diseases sarcoidosis and Sjogren’s syndrome which causes dryness in the eyes and mouth", Alan says.

The wide range of health conditions connected to the orbit means research and cross-disciplinary training is essential. Associate Professor McNab’s Orbital Plastic and Lacrimal Unit hopes to shed further light on orbital diseases in order to improve early patient diagnosis and care.

Associate Professor McNab has been an ophthalmologist for 30 years since graduating from the University of Melbourne, a research partner of the Eye and Ear. After a stint at the renowned Moorfields Eye Hospital in London, he returned to the Eye and Ear in 1990.