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What can I do to make living with a balance disorder easier?

Avoiding triggers and making lifestyle changes

If you have a balance disorder, it is important to avoid triggers for symptoms such as alcohol, caffeine, specific foods, lack of sleep, or stress. It may be necessary to make lifestyle changes to avoid these triggers and it may also be helpful to take up stress-relieving exercise such as tai chi, walking, yoga or meditation.

Continuing treatment

If you have been referred to a physiotherapist who specialises in balance disorders, it is important to persist with the exercises and treatment prescribed. Although progress may be slow, it will help you improve your balance control. If your condition could lead to a fall, your specialist or GP may refer you to a community Falls and Balance clinic that can provide specific treatment, aids and support.

For more information about how to make living with a balance disorder easier, refer to the detailed information about each of the common types of balance disorders.