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Visitors & visiting hours

We understand that the presence of friends and family is important to our patients' well-being.

Visitors are welcome at the Eye and Ear, but for the comfort, health and safety of our patients, we ask you to please be mindful of the following:

  • As there is a lack of space and chairs around the bed, we ask that there is a limit of 4 visitors at a time (if there are more than 4 visitors, excess visitors can wait in the lounge room and take turns to visit the patient). 

  • Please be mindful to limit the duration of the visit as it can be very tiring for patients

  • Be considerate to other patients by keeping noise down

  • To supervise young children as not to disturb other patients

Visiting hours are from 10am - 8pm daily, however if you need to visit outside the normal visiting hours please discuss with the nursing staff.