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If you require surgery, prior to your operation, you may need to attend the Pre-Admission Clinic. If you are required to attend, we will send a letter to you which provides you with information about what to do and what to expect at this appointment . Some patients may not need to attend the Pre-Admission Clinic. In this instance, we will call you to ask about your medical history and/or confirm details of your surgery.

What tests might I have?

  • ECG (electrocardiogram) to check your heart
  • Blood test
  • Chest X-ray
What should I bring in?
  • Medicare card
  • It is very important to bring all your medications in their original containers.
  • Your GPs address and phone number
Can I eat before my pre admission appointment?
  • You will not be having surgery on this day so there is no need to fast
  • Take your usual medications
How long will it take?

Expect to be at the hospital for 2 - 3 hours.

Can someone come with me to the clinic appointment?

You may bring someone with you, however, due to limited seating we would ask you to come with one companion only.

What if I need an interpreter?

An interpreter service is available. Please call 03 9929 8234 to book an interpreter for your appointment.

Transport and accommodation

If you have special needs or difficulty getting to the Eye and Ear, we have a Transport and Accommodation Coordinator who may be able to offer assistance. We can also provide a list of accommodation options located within a 5km radius of the Eye and Ear.

For more information, please contact our Transport and Accommodation Coordinator on (03) 9929 8234 on receiving your appointment letter.

Where is the pre-admission clinic?

The pre-admission clinic is located at Eye and Ear on the Park, 2 St Andrews Place, East Melbourne.


If you need to change your appointment time or have any other enquiries, phone 03 9929 8647 Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm.