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Attending an Outpatient Clinic

The Eye and Ear has over 50 different outpatient clinics for the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of vision and hearing loss.

If you have an appointment to attend an Outpatient Clinic, you will be assessed and cared for by specialist doctors. In this hospital that means a doctor who is a specialist in eye, ear, nose or throat conditions. In some cases you will also be seen by an associated allied health clinician (eg an Orthoptist) depending on what your condition requires.

The Eye and Ear will confirm your appointment via post, or telephone if you have an urgent appointment. Your letter will advise you of the appointment time and location: either Eye and Ear on the Park (St Andrews Place, East Melbourne) or the main hospital (32 Gisborne St, East Melbourne). Please double check your letter to confirm the correct location of your appointment, and if unsure of location consult these maps.

Once at the correct hospital, please follow the signs, or ask staff or volunteers for directions if you cannot find your way. Please note, check in can only take place 15 minutes before your appointment time. If you arrive earlier this does not mean you will be seen earlier. As the waiting rooms can get very busy, we ask that all patients arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before their allocated appointment time, for everyone's comfort. 

You may bring someone with you to the clinic. However, due to limited seating, we would ask you to bring only one person with you - it can get very crowded and we want to ensure the waiting rooms are as comfortable as possible for you. If you are attending an Eye Clinic, we advise you not to drive as eye drops may be used that will blur your vision.

In most cases if you require an interpreter your GP will have advised the hospital and details of this information will be on your appointment letter. However if this detail is missing, phone Interpreters on 03 9929 8234 to book an interpreter for your appointment.

What to bring on the day of your appointment:
  • Your appointment letter from the hospital
  • Any relevant X-rays, scans, blood test or other test results
  • A list of current medications you are taking
  • Your Medicare card, pension card (if you have one) and any other concession cards you may hold
  • Your GPs address and phone number
  • Any medication or dietary supplements you may require during your visit
  • Toys or books for children who are attending the clinic with you
How long will my appointment take?

It is recommended that you allow up to three hours for your appointment. All patients are given a specific appointment time, however sometimes delays can occur. The staff may be delayed by needing to discuss a complicated treatment or diagnosis with a patient, or they may be required urgently in other parts of the hospital. Plan to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before your allocated appointment to allow time to complete any necessary paperwork, especially at your first visit.  Check in can only take place 15 minutes before your appointment time - if you arrive earlier this does not mean you will be seen any earlier. As the waiting rooms can get very busy we request all patients arrive no earlier than 15 minutes for everyone's comfort. 

More information

If you have any other questions, please contact the Outpatient Bookings Unit on 03 9929 8500 between 8am to 4pm, Monday to Friday (except public holidays).