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Step 4: What happens after surgery?

What happens after Cochlear Implant surgery?

The fitting of the sound processor occurs approximately two to three weeks following the operation. The sound from a cochlear implant is not like “normal” hearing.  It takes time and practice before people become comfortable using the device.  

Following the operation, all adults and children attend the clinic regularly for device programming, support and medical reviews.  Patients commit to an ongoing program to help assimilate the cochlear implant into their daily lifestyle. To achieve this, we offer services that aim to optimise patients’ hearing, help develop listening and communication skills, promote speech and language acquisition and deal with medical issues.  

Once you/your child have acclimatized to the cochlear implant, and your programming is stable, device assistance can be obtained from the Cochlear Care Centre.

What happens after Bone Conduction Implant surgery?

The fitting of the bone conduction implant sound processor occurs approximately six weeks following the operation. There is usually approximately two to three sessions over the first few months following activation.

As the person becomes more proficient in the use of the device and less programming of the sound processor is required, they would only need to visit the clinic every one to two years, or when the need arises.

Regular medical reviews with an Ear Nose and Throat surgeon are recommended. Staff will advise on the frequency of these reviews after the surgery.