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What is the cost?

The options for funding surgery for implantable devices are

  • Public funding (i.e state government funded).
  • Private health insurance (there may be out of pocket expenses).
  • Self-funding for those not eligible for either of above

Appointments at the clinic are bulk billed under Medicare for eligible patients.
Waiting times can vary depending on which funding option you are eligible for. These options can be further discussed with your case co-ordinator and surgeon.

What are the costs for International Patients?

The Cochlear Implant Clinic at The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital offers its services to overseas patients as well as Australian residents.  Patients who do not hold an Australian Medicare card would be charged for each service provided.
So that we can advise whether assessments through the Cochlear Implant Clinic would be appropriate, patients are asked to supply results of any tests already completed such as:  recent unaided and aided hearing test results, medical and x-ray reports and appropriate educational reports for children.
The minimum length of stay in Australia required for international patients is around three months.  This period incorporates pre-operative testing, surgery and the initial post-operative device programming and training.  Patients should also allow for travel to Australia for annual reviews.   Alternatively, it may be possible for a clinic closer to the patient’s home to take over their management after the first three months.
We recommend that patients attending the Melbourne clinic be accompanied by someone who can translate from English into the patient’s own language, such as an interpreter. This will facilitate the accurate exchange of information and the rehabilitation process.  When required, the clinic can organise for an interpreter at an additional cost to the patient.