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Consumer profile: Pam West

June 9, 2017

Pam West joined the Eye and Ear as a consumer representative at the start of 2017. Looking for a volunteering role, she saw her skills would align well with this role at the Eye and Ear.

Pam sits on the Consumer Advisory Committee, which provides advice to the Board on effective consumer and community participation in service development and delivery. The committee membership includes consumers, carers and community members, along with members of the Board and staff.

“The meetings have been really interesting, we review reports from different areas and my role is to look at them through a lens of consumer involvement and participation.”

“I’m grateful for the opportunities and I take the role seriously as I am representing others, providing feedback on behalf of other consumers.”

Pam sits on other consumer related committees and provides feedback on various projects including the hospital’s website and communications including video scripts.

Pam says she enjoys the role and has found the hospital is happy to hear feedback and take it on board.

“They see it as an opportunity not as a negative challenge.”