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Bequest profile

In 2015 the hospital received an extremely generous bequest in acknowledgement of a patient's gratitude to Associate Professor Mark Daniell’s work in saving him from blindness.

Assoc Prof. Daniell is Head of the Eye and Ear Corneal Unit and Surgical Research Unit of the Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA) and one of our most senior clinician researchers.

The generosity of the bequest has provided Assoc Prof. Daniell with the opportunity to undertake further research in keratoconus.

Keratoconus is an eye disease affecting the cornea at the front of the eye and usually occurs in teenage years. Despite extensive research through the hospital and our partner, CERA, there remains a lot to learn about keratoconus. The causes are unknown but both genetic and environmental factors are involved.

Assoc Prof. Daniell and Professor Paul Baird have set up the Keratoconus International Consortium, and met with leading keratoconus researchers in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and India.

The consortium will establish a database of keratoconus patients and their treatments, as well as genetic and environmental factors. This will be managed by CERA.

Bequests, such as this one, make an extraordinary difference to the work of the hospital and ultimately the treatment and care of our patients.

Once you have provided for your family, bequests are a way of creating an enduring legacy. A bequest can be a set amount or a percentage of your estate. 

For more information on leaving a bequest please contact our Bequest Officer, Jacqui Church on 9929 8598.