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CEO Message - Ann Clark

June 12, 2015

Welcome to the Winter 2015 edition of Sight+Sound.

As you will read more about in the newsletter, the hospital has been busy over the last few months with Cultural Diversity Week celebrations, World Voice Day and the redevelopment.

I would like to introduce and update you with some staff changes in the Executive team. Earlier this year, Dr Christine Bessell took over from Dr Caroline Clarke as the hospital’s Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director of Medical Services. Caroline is now the Executive Director of Performance and Improvement. Associate Professor Michael Coote stood down from the role of Clinical Director of Ophthalmology, a position he held for five years. While he has stepped down from this role, Michael will continue with the hospital in a clinical capacity. I am pleased to say Dr Mark McCombe has been appointed to take up the role. Mark has worked at the Eye and Ear in a clinical capacity for many years and has made a great contribution to the planning and implementation of the changes required as part of the hospital redevelopment. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the hospital’s donors, supporters, volunteers and committee members for your ongoing dedication and support to the hospital.

I hope you enjoy reading Sight+Sound.

Best wishes,

Ann Clark