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Philanthropy in our eyes

Since our humble beginnings in 1863 the Eye and Ear has been very grateful/appreciative of the support of Philanthropy. Philanthropy has allowed the hospital to fund research scholarships, buy equipment, build the Smorgon Family wing and equip it. Currently we actively seek grant funding from Philanthropic Trusts and Foundations, we have the support of our loyal donors some of whom give a few times a year and we receive bequests from past patients. Those income streams provide us with opportunity to fund research, infrastructure and buy state of the art equipment.

Trusts and foundations

Each year we apply to Philanthropic Trusts and Foundations for funding for Research, education and infrastructure. Over the past 6 years we have fared well and have brought in about $2.1M in grant income

We are very proud to announce that we have recently received grants from:

Joe White Bequest

Specialised Ultrasound for Operating Theatres for $53,000

Glaucoma Australia

Research project which involves Glaucoma patients utilising an App on their IPad or iPhone to measure their visual fields (an indicator of Glaucoma progression). This research project is being directed by Dr George Kong Glaucoma specialist at the Eye and Ear.   $57,700

Collier Charitable Trusts

We are very fortunate to have received part funding to purchase a highly specialised operating microscope essential for the delicate surgery of the eye.