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Mind skills for eye doctors

In collaboration with Mind Room Psychologists our Ophthalmology trainees were  given an invaluable opportunity to develop their non-technical skills to improve patient outcomes this October and November. Trainees undertook a brief course on mind skills including mindfulness, meditation, and wellbeing. The main objective was to focus on psychological wellbeing and performance of ophthalmology trainees with consideration of their high pressure lives and environments.  The training covered psychologic flexibility, identification of values, understanding of mindset and thoughts as well as psychological wellbeing. For this training the team used a method called acceptance commitment training (ACT). The training curriculum has been developed by Dr Jacqueline Beltz and Associate Professor Diane Webster, Directors of Clinical Training Victorian Network, Royal Australia and New Zealand College of Ophthalmology and The Eye and Ear in conjunction with Dr Jo Mitchell, clinical psychologist from “The Mind Room” in Collingwood. This project has been funded by an educational grant from Johnson & Johnson initiated by Dr Beltz and supported by the Philanthropy Department. The Ophthalmology trainees are attending as part of their dedicated training time at the Eye and Ear.