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Donor survey results

In our Summer 2018 issue we sent a donor survey to all of our donors to try and understand our donor community in more detail and develop new ways to reach them that are more suited to their needs and lifestyle.

Below is a brief summary of these results. We found that individual donors who are patients of the Eye and Ear are in the main, older than 60, culturally and linguistically diverse (often speaking several languages), more likely to have a sensory disability (hearing or vision impairment) and prefer not to use technology such as social media for donations.

These are unique characteristics when compared to other health services and we share them to highlight the need to engage with donors and potential Bequestors to the hospital in a particular way.

Over 200 responses were received and, on analysis of the feedback, three key findings emerged:

1.       Over 65% of our donors are 75 years and over

2.       82% of respondents have been involved with the Eye and Ear for more than 10 years

3.       Only 4 of the 200 respondents have utilised our social media and only 3 of the respondents would like further information online. However 31 donors have looked at the main Eye and Ear website.

As we expected, patients donate to the Eye and Ear because of their long relationship with the hospital. Most of the donors surveyed said that they, a family member, or a close friend had previously used the services of the Eye and Ear. They are supportive of funding research, equipment, indigenous outreach services and multi-cultural health programs. They are not so interested in online activities such as the website, an electronic newsletter or digital activity such as social media.

These findings are unique when compared to other health services and we share them with you for your interest. They show that direct mail and telephone contact remain a key part of our fundraising strategy, which means that the content we share in Sight+Sound makes a difference. So if you haven’t already had the chance to submit feedback in our reader survey (featured on page 5), please do so. We also encourage donors to let us know if there are particular areas of work at the hospital they would like to read more about.