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Dandenong opens Cochlear Care Centre

A number of staff travelled to Dandenong in September for the official opening of the South East Cochlear Care Centre. While the centre has been in operation since April, our CEO Brendan Gardner, CNO Jenni Bliss, Professor Robert Briggs, Stefan Wigg and Board member David Anderson joined Professor Graeme Clark, Cochlear and Hearing Australia to formally welcome cochlear recipients, hearing associations and local dignitaries to the new location. The centre was founded with the motivations to bring hearing care and maintenance for cochlear recipients closer to home for those in the outer South Eastern region. Already this is proving successful with patronage already reaching capacity. The occasion was also an opportunity to launch our new community awareness campaign in collaboration with Cochlear that aims to encourage Australians to seek early and regular testing and treatment for hearing loss to mitigate the negative impacts, such as social isolation. It was a thrill to see this message receiving widespread media attention, with Professor Robert Briggs interviewed for Channel 9 afternoon and evening news, Channel 10 news as well as the Herald Sun and other online and radio news stories.