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Volunteer profile: Janette Williams

August 24, 2018

Speaking to Janette you’ll soon see she is a natural fit for the concierge service at the Eye and Ear. Having worked for most of her career in corporate HR, she’s a natural people person. As she approached retirement, Janette wanted to do something of value after stepping aside from full-time work.

“The company I worked for allotted one paid day of volunteering per year. I really enjoyed that so I decided to look into it when I did retire”. Through the Volunteering Victoria website, she found our concierge role.

Almost four years later, Janette is a regular fixture in our team of volunteers, working in different areas across the hospital as needed and mentoring new volunteers. Janette loves working at the Eye and Ear. “It’s rewarding” she says. “That instant gratification you get from helping people. They’re so appreciative. It’s that warm and fuzzy feeling that keeps me coming back”.

Though she’s volunteered across the hospital it’s the concierge service Janette enjoys most. “One afternoon could have a rush of wheelchairs, another will be taxi bookings - it’s the variety I enjoy”.