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Philanthropy Profile: L.E.W. Carty Charitable Fund

September 15, 2016

Photo of Dr David Szmulewicz with Trustees of the L.E.W Carty Fund

L.E.W. Carty Charitable Fund made a research grant of $103,757 to the Balance Disorders and Ataxia Service (BDAS) to purchase a Smart Master Balance System.

The Smart Master Balance System is the internationally recognised gold standard in measuring a person’s ability to correct posture for a loss of balance, enabling an objective understanding of how the sensory and motor systems affect postural and gaze stability.

The new system will be the centrepiece of an important research project and will help patients with balance disorders.

The hospital recently hosted the Trustees of the fund and they met with Dr David Szmulewicz, Head of BDAS, who took them through the diagnostic path of a patient when they present at the service.

The hospital is very grateful to the L.E.W. Carty Charitable Fund and the Trustees for their generous support.