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Introducing the Eye and Ear Bequests Officer, Jacqui Church

September 15, 2016

Photo of Jacqui Church

Over many years, bequests have enabled the hospital to purchase much needed medical equipment, train new medical specialists and conduct innovative and leading edge research for our patients.

Bequests Officer Jacqui Church says that it is wonderful to hear when a donor has decided they will leave a bequest to the Eye and Ear. Jacqui says:

“We love knowing about future bequests ahead of time so we can thank the person during their lifetime.

Once you’ve provided for your family and loved ones, choosing to include a gift to the Eye and Ear in your will is a great way to provide an enduring legacy which will help us to provide the best possible healthcare for future generations.

To receive a bequest brochure, or if Jacqui can help in any way, please feel free to contact her on 03 9929 8598 or