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CEO message

Hello and welcome to the Spring edition of Sight + Sound. 2020 has been an incredibly challenging year so far.

The current State of Disaster has caused us all to readjust the way we live, and for many to assess what is important to us. As a hospital, I am incredibly proud of the way our staff have stepped up to face all the challenges that have been asked of them.  We have seen many staff across our hospital volunteer to support the broader health sector that has been so depleted of staff and resources by the pandemic. The commitment I have seen has been inspiring.

As always patient safety is our priority and in the spirit of our culture of continuous improvement there have been many changes at the Eye and Ear, which you can read more about in the next story.  I am sure you will also be interested in the story of Peter Burns and how his routine check-up uncovered a condition that required emergency surgery. Peter’s story provides an important reminder of how important it is to maintain your eye health appointments and to seek treatment quickly if you have concerns. In this edition I am also pleased to share with you information about the clinics that continue to operate at the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service. This article outlines how our service delivery has been reviewed and amended to ensure we continue to provide the best service to our patients as safely as possible at this time.