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Congratulations John Moh

September 14, 2015

Congratulations John Moh

Congratulations to John Moh, Outpatient Computer Clerk, who won last quarter’s I See You, I Hear You – Values in Action staff award.

John was nominated for demonstrating ‘a strong and professional work ethic and a strong sense of care for our patients. He has excellent customer service as he treats both patients and colleagues with great respect and is very willing to help.’

John has been at the Eye and Ear for one year and says the recognition came as a great surprise.

“It was totally unexpected to receive the award. It is absolutely great and a direct way to show appreciation and it confirms that the work I do is valued.”

John works in the Emergency Acute Ophthalmology Service, a clinic which follows up patients who have been to the Emergency Department.

“It is a great place to work, I love the communication and teamwork at EAOS and I always receive huge support from my team leader and manager, Aidan, and other colleagues. It is also great seeing the smile and satisfaction from the patients.”