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Volunteer Profile: Rama

April 30, 2019

When Rama Appuswamy retired he wondered how he could contribute his time to a cause that would give back to the community. It was at a volunteering road show he was introduced to the Eye and Ear and became interested in the opportunities volunteering at a specialist hospital could bring.

“The first day was very different. I had been used to sitting in front of a computer for most of the day, but now I was meeting people all the time that needed my help.”

Fast forward two years and two months and Rama is still an active member of our volunteering team. As a former Engineer, he was used to being very detail oriented, something he says comes in handy when clinics get busy.

Currently he sits on two additional committees at the Eye and Ear, the Patient Experience Committee and the Community Advisory Committee.

When he’s not volunteering Rama likes to listen to classical Indian music, work out at the gym or keep up with the cricket scores.