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Volunteer profile: Gordon

March 7, 2016

Photo of Gordon Proudfoot

Gordon Proudfoot started volunteering at the Eye and Ear in May last year after reading the Sight+Sound newsletter.

Gordon took up distance running in his forties as stress relief from a busy career as an accountant and company secretary. He soon became hooked (his favourite event is the half marathon) and also took up judging athletic events.

Unfortunately, Gordon doesn’t run much these days due to a back injury, but he continues to remain active with Pilates, gym and hiking. Gordon has been retired for nearly 10 years and also volunteers for Travellers’ Aid, Northern Health and Whittlesea Connections.

Being a people person, Gordon enjoys the interaction with others while helping the community that comes with being a volunteer at the Eye and Ear.

Gordon was invaluable during the Christmas and New Year break when he stepped in to cover gaps in the Emergency Department volunteer roster.

Interested in volunteering?
Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator on or phone 03 9929 8902.