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Promoting dizziness

March 7, 2016

Photo of Sharon Jervis

Last year Sharon Jervis was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease, a balance disorder characterised by episodes of vertigo (spinning sensation), dizziness, tinnitus (ringing or other sound in the ears), feeling of pressure in the ear and hearing loss.

After researching and learning more about Meniere’s disease, Sharon decided to help others and spread the word, raising awareness of the disease.

She travelled 2,300 kilometres via train to Jervis Bay, spending more than 33 hours on the train over six days handing out leaflets and information packs. Sharon is thankful for the care she received at the Eye and Ear’s Balance Disorders and Ataxia Service.

“Thanks to the Eye and Ear’s Balance Disorders and Ataxia Service I now know what is happening to me. It can be scary and frustrating but under the capable and caring hands of these amazing people, I’m sure I’m getting the best care possible.”