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Donor profile: Margery

March 18, 2015

Margery Snowball is a generous supporter of the Eye and Ear.

She spent her school years in Melbourne however moved to London where she worked as an interpreter. In 1956, Margery’s son was born in the Netherlands. As a toddler, he was forever falling over and bumping into things. Margery sought help, but was told her son had what would now be called ‘learning difficulties’.

After Margery returned to Australia in 1959, she took her son to the GP who diagnosed a visual impairment and referred him to the Eye and Ear.

Margery’s son had 13 per cent sight in one eye and only 14 per cent in the other. He was treated at the Eye and Ear six days a week, with what at the time, was regarded a revolutionary treatment. Her son has gone on to lead a full life, learning to drive, play cricket and has a career in education. Margery is very grateful to the care her son received at the Eye and Ear.

“I just want to repay the Eye and Ear for what they did saving my boy’s sight.”