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Sculptor's eye care comes full circle

Accomplished sculptor Tony Powers was previously treated for a melanoma in his left eye, so when he had concerns with his right eye recently, he returned to The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital.

Tony is originally from Melbourne but has lived in East Gippsland for 22 years. Just over 18 years ago he visited his local Optometrist because he was experiencing blurred vision. Tony was seen by a specialist who was fortunately in the region that same day and referred him on to the Eye and Ear.

“Within a week of visiting my optometrist, I underwent surgery at the Eye and Ear to place a radioactive seed at the back of my eye to treat the melanoma.”

The internal radiotherapy successfully killed the cancer cells which meant Tony’s eye was saved but sadly, he did lose sight in the eye.

Tony is a toolmaker by trade but was always interested in art and spent more time on sculpting after relocating to East Gippsland.

“Following the loss of sight in my eye I had to adapt my techniques but am pleased I’ve been able to continue sculpting.”

When Tony was concerned about the condition of his right eye he arranged to come back to the hospital for his eye to be checked.

“I was grateful to be assessed by the specialists at the Eye and Ear so quickly given my history - thankfully the imaging and test results came back all clear this time.”

Tony became a regular contributor to the Eye and Ear following his treatment at the hospital. We are very grateful for the support he and all our donors have given us over the years.