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GP Referrals and Primary Care Guidelines

November 5, 2014

GP Referrals and Primary Care Guidelines

To help ensure that the patients that are most in need are seen in a timely manner and to reduce patient waiting times at the hospital, we have developed a new set of referral guidelines to assist GPs in determining whether or not a patient can be treated at the primary care level or needs specialist care at the Eye and Ear.

At the Eye and Ear we aim to make the referral process straight forward and efficient for GPs and patients alike. To ensure that relevant and concise information is available, we have developed a space on the website specifically for GPs and other referrers.

These guidelines also highlight the information required when referring a patient, to ensure prompt diagnosis and treatment upon visiting the Eye and Ear.

For some patients who can be treated in the primary care setting, a team of specialists and allied health staff have developed a set of primary care management guidelines. The information found here will assist GPs to manage some conditions in the community.

In collaboration with our GP Liaison Officer, we aim to provide the best information to our GPs and health professionals. As we work to reduce hospital waiting times we encourage GPs to bookmark the links above in your web browser for quick reference when assessing patients.

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