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4000th cochlear implant at the Eye and Ear

July 24, 2017

Today we celebrated two significant milestones with a lunchtime event to mark the 4000th cochlear implant surgery and the 1000th child to receive a cochlear implant at the hospital.

Vivienne Jones, who at 77 is the recipient of the 4000th cochlear implant, said that having a cochlear implant has made an enormous difference to her life.

The 4000th surgery was her second implant, having had her first through the Eye and Ear a few years ago.

“Better hearing for me means a much better life! I am a very happy 4000!”                  

Also at the event was three-year-old Austin Archer, the 1000th child to receive a cochlear implant from the Eye and Ear. Austin’s mother Thobeka says that she’s grateful for the support of their caseworker Elizabeth and surgeon Dr Dahm, and that Austin could receive his implant so young.

“Austin is recovering well and learning to recognise sounds, which is very exciting.”

The Eye and Ear has doubled the number of cochlear devices implanted in just seven years, after celebrating the 2000th cochlear implant surgery in 2010. We’re thrilled that more Victorians than ever have been given the gift of hearing.

This rapid progress is due to a number of factors. In particular, research and technology advancements mean that the eligibility criteria has greatly increased and widened the cochlear implant candidate pool. The Eye and Ear’s Cochlear Implant Clinic can help people of all ages, seeing patients aged from 3 months to 90 years.

At the Eye and Ear we provide 100% of Victoria’s public cochlear implants.

Congratulation to the entire cochlear implant team, both past and present, for these amazing healthcare achievements!

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