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2019 Community Board Meeting: Living with Glaucoma

On Wednesday we held our Community Board Meeting which this year incorporated a Community Eye Health Forum focusing on Glaucoma. The event was very successful in mobilizing a room full of patients, donors, staff and interested community members. 

Glaucoma is the sneak thief of sight and there is so much that can assist patient outcomes if early detection is made possible. Prevention is always better than cure – and an emphasis on having your sight checked regularly was made very clear by the guest speakers welcomed to event.

Professor Keith Martin from CERA and the Eye and Ear's own Dr George Kong presented on the latest developments in research and clinical trials that are available to assist those living with or at risk of glaucoma.

The Eye and Ear works in partnership with CERA and as Chief Executive Officer Mark Petty pointed out, this allows the faster translation of research to clinical practise.

Eye and Ear patients have access to the latest world-leading clinical trials and if being treated for glaucoma, are encouraged to ask their practitioners about access to trials that may be beneficial to them.


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