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Maryanne - 1994

Maryanne Walsh


In March 1994, Maryanne Walsh was attempting to fit a cord around an object at home when the spring gave way and a hook flew off from the end of the cord directly into Maryanne's right eye.

She removed the hook and consulted her GP who immediately referred Maryanne to the Eye and Ear hospital. An ophthalmologist performed surgery to reconnect the muscle responsible for movement. The operation was a success and Maryanne was given the all clear in early July 1994.

“Right from my original attendance at the Eye and Ear, the treatment was very thorough and professional. I found the medical staff were very supportive and explained what was to occur,” says Maryanne.

“Having provided the metal hook to the specialists, they retained (the hook) and used it to conduct a case study.

“I am eternally grateful for the prompt and professional treatment, without which I would most likely have suffered dearly the loss of function in my right eye,” says Maryanne.