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We value your privacy

May 7, 2014

We value your privacy Amanda Hicks, Manager of Health Information Services and Fiona Jessett, Deputy Health Information Manager.

This week the Eye and Ear celebrated Privacy Awareness Week (PAW).

PAW is an initiative of the Asia Pacific Privacy Authorities forum (APPA) held every year to promote awareness of privacy issues and the importance of the protection of personal information.

Posters were on display at the Eye and Ear, informing patients about how the hospital is protecting their privacy.

Amanda Hicks, Manager of Health Information Services, says PAW is a great chance for staff to refresh on their responsibilities for ensuring health information is protected.

“Privacy Awareness Week is a great opportunity for staff to spread the word of privacy, always ensuring data collection and sharing is undertaken appropriately and securely,” she said.

“For patients and visitors to the hospital, I encourage you all to pick up a copy of the ‘Protecting Your Privacy’ brochure, which explains the management of health information, there are copies available throughout the hospital.”