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Eye and ENT Emergency seminar a success

September 11, 2014

Eye and ENT Emergency seminar a success

Last week, The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital hosted the 14th annual Eye and ENT Emergency Seminar.

Run over two days, the seminar is an opportunity for clinicians to access some of the leading specialists in the fields of ophthalmology and ENT.

The seminar has a great reputation as a speciality course, attracting emergency physicians and registrars, rural GPs and nurse practitioners from across Australia and New Zealand.

This year, there were 43 participants from New Zealand, Queensland, New South Wales, Western Australia, Tasmania, Melbourne and rural Victoria.

Dr Carmel Crock, the Eye and Ear’s Director of Emergency, has run the seminar since its inception in 2001.

Dr Crock says the seminar is a great chance for the participants to up-skill and to be able to confidently deal with eye and ENT emergencies.

“When a person has an injury to the eye, either a chemical injury or a foreign body in the eye, most of the time they go to an Emergency Department and they will see somebody who is not an ophthalmologist or not trained in ophthalmology,” Dr Crock says.

“So we are training up the people who the patients will actually see at the coalface when they first arrive at the Emergency Department.”

Dr Crock says the seminar was a great success, with participants commenting on how valuable the interactions were with the Eye and Ear’s specialists.

“What the participants really enjoyed was the workshop part of it, the practical session, so spending time with other specialists. They are used to spending time with emergency specialists but not ophthalmologists or ENT specialists, so they could ask all the things they had always worried about or thought about and the questions they had in the back of their mind.”