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The future of hearing for our ageing population

August 26, 2013

The future of hearing for our ageing population Associate Professor Robert Cowan talks with the audience during his lecture on the future of hearing

Age is one of the biggest contributing factors to hearing loss. With Australia’s ageing population, this presents a real challenge for us to identify ways to cope with the growing issue. As Associate Professor Robert Cowan, CEO of the HEARing Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), discussed in his public lecture on 20 August, it is something we need to address sooner rather than later.

“Three in four Australians over the age of 70 have significant hearing difficulties which affect them in terms of their ability to communicate and participate in life’s activities,” said Associate Professor Cowan.

“We are getting increasing numbers of people with hearing loss, and this is consistent with an ageing population and a longer lifespan. But the worrying thing is that we are getting increased numbers of aged people with hearing loss and that certainly has to change the way we do management and the way we provide services.”

Speaking in the lead up to Hearing Awareness Week, Associate Professor Cowan’s lecture was the fourth installment in the Eye and Ear Hospital’s 150th anniversary public lecture series.

Held at the University of Melbourne in partnership with the HEARing CRC, the event saw Associate Professor Cowan share his insights into the research and technology advances that can shape the future of hearing, including likely advancements in the cochlear implant. 

Associate Professor Cowan’s lecture on the future of hearing is now available to watch online

The final lecture in the series will be held on 19 November at the Eye and Ear and is to be delivered by Associate Professor Anne Brooks, who will be discussing Excellence in Teaching and Training. Visit the Public lecture series page on our website for more information or email to register your interest.