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Historic exhibition reveals hidden treasures

February 26, 2013

Historic exhibition reveals hidden treasures From left Bill Gillies, Ann Clark, Nancy Gillies and Dr David Kaufman
An exhibition of early instruments, images and other gems from the hospital's 150 year history was opened to staff, patients and honorary guests with a ceremony and morning tea today.

The unveiling of the commemorative display cases, located in the Smorgon Family Wing, includes surgical instruments and ocular testing equipment dating back to the Eye and Ear's earliest years.

Curator of the joint Royal Australian College of Ophthalmologists (RANZCO) and Eye and Ear museum, Dr David Kaufman collected and categorised the items as part of an ongoing project to preserve the hospital's rich history.

Dr Kaufman, who undertook his training at the Eye and Ear during the 1970s, spoke at the launch of the hospital’s proud history in world leading research.

“This display traces the extraordinary development of the hospital. The second cabinet is devoted to the works of Dr Geoffrey Sutherland who I was fortunate to train under and whose work was just extraordinary and advanced for its time. It has really laid the foundations of vitreoretinal and congenital cataract surgery.

Posters featuring two prominent figures from the Eye and Ear's past, Bill Gillies and Ronald Lowe were also unveiled.

“(The posters) recognise the outstanding contributions of Ronald Lowe and Bill Gillies, not only to the hospital but also to the Australian and international understanding of glaucoma, said Dr Kaufman.

The display will remain open throughout 2013 as part of the Eye and Ear’s 150th birthday celebrations, officially launched with an anniversary banner displayed above the Victoria Parade entrance and a ceremony at Government House on 28 February.

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