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Volunteer profile: Josie Hubbard

March 10, 2013

Volunteer profile: Josie Hubbard Josie Hubbard
Josie Hubbard has worked as a volunteer at The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital since she first heard an advertisement on 3AW calling for volunteers 15 years ago. Since then Josie has been a well-respected and hard-working member of the Eye and Ear team.

“I heard on 3AW that the Eye and Ear was looking for extra help. I had been looking to do this type of work for a while and working in a hospital really appealed to me, said Josie.

Currently working one day a fortnight in the hospital's gift shop, where she has served since she first began in 1997, Josie says she gets a lot from the role.

“I have made some really good friends here and I enjoy talking to the customers. Patients will come in and talk with me and they all have their own stories to tell, which I find very interesting.

Josie often encourages her friends and neighbours to apply for a volunteer role within their community.

“If (volunteering) ever comes up with neighbours who aren't doing anything at the moment I will often tell them to go ahead and do it. I encourage everyone to come in.

“It's part of my life now. My husband and family all ask how it's going and when I'm coming in next.

The hospital honoured Josie's many years of dedicated service at the annual Volunteer Thank You lunch in December, where she was presented with a certificate and long-service badge from CEO Ann Clark.