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The Eye and Ear joins the Bionic Vision Australia consortium

April 17, 2012

The Eye and Ear joins the Bionic Vision Australia consortium

The Eye and Ear officially joined the Bionic Vision Australia consortium today, as a supporting participant and clinical partner of the bionic eye project.

This partnership agreement marks a significant milestone as researchers, surgeons and clinicians work towards testing the bionic eye with patients at the hospital.

Ms Jan Boxall, Board Chair of the Eye and Ear said: “The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital is delighted to be part of the consortium."

"As the home of the bionic ear, we have a proud history in bionics," she explains. "Now, with the BVA partnership, the Eye and Ear continues to be at the forefront of research and clinical application.

Bionic Vision Australia brings together a wide range of experts, from vision scientists, ophthalmologists and retinal surgeons to neuroscientists, materials scientists, biomedical and electrical engineers. The goal of the project is to develop a retinal implant, or bioninc eye, capable of restoring a sense of vision to people with profound blindness due to retinitis pigmentosa and age-related macular degeneration.

Prof David Penington, Chairman of Bionic Vision Australia, said: “The partnership with the Eye and Ear is of critical importance to our project. The work of everybody here is vital to the success of the bionic eye development.“

The Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital is home to the Centre for Eye Research Australia, also part of the bionic eye consortium. By housing specialists and researchers under one roof, we are able to translate research into clinical care quickly. 

Sharing our knowledge and expertise throughout the community, the Eye and Ear helps make world quality eye and ear health care available to all. Working with Bionic Vision Australia and members of the consortium, we will continue to have an impact on the future of eye health in Australia and internationally.