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Congratulations to the winners of the Hospital Excellence Awards

November 1, 2012

Congratulations to the winners of the Hospital Excellence Awards

During the Annual General Meeting on 31 October, the winners of the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital Excellence awards were announced. Congratulations to the following recipients:

Board Chair’s Medal 

Awarded to a person who has made a major contribution to the hospital in a particular field. This is the hospital's highest award and Chair’s Medal recipients are true 'heroes' and identities at the hospital.


Dr Allen is a vitreo-retinal surgeon who has been with the Eye and Ear for over 15 years. This year, she conducted the Bionic Eye prototype implant procedures and led the process. In addition to her clinical expertise, Dr Allen ensured that every step of the procedure and implant development and processing was of the highest standard to have maximum assurance of success.

CEO’s Team Award

For demonstrating the qualities of cooperation and collaboration and are committed to doing their best for our patients, families and the hospital, and who have made an outstanding contribution to the hospital in their chosen field.


Dr Penny Allen, Clinical Associate Professor Robert Briggs, Dr Mark McCombe, Professor Jonathan Crowston, Professor Robyn Guymer, Dr Gaylene Heard, Dr William Watson, Dr Jonathan Yeoh, Dr Andrew Tymms, Dr Vaishali Londhe, Dr Robert Henderson, Dr Axel Henrik Smeds and Dr Jacek Szudek. Nursing staff Elisabeth Bell, Rachel Brydon, Elise Chick, Lisa McGuire, Caroline Rickie and Siew Yeak from the Operating Theatre Suite. Ferhat Ozeral, theatre technician, Christina Caws and Heidi Mongalo from the Sterile Processing Service (SPS), and Richard Smallwood from Medpic were also part of the team.

Dr J Aubrey Bowen Medal

For outstanding clinical leadership or significantly contributing to enhanced patient care.

WINNER: DR CARMEL CROCK, Director of the Emergency Department

Dr Crock has worked at the hospital since 2001 and has an outstanding reputation and record for providing excellent patient care. Dr Crock collaborates with other medical specialties and is an integral part of our hospital teaching program by providing education for medical registrars and nursing staff. She helps share the Eye and Ear specialist knowledge throughout Victoria by providing training in Eye and ENT conditions to Emergency Medicine Registrars from other hospitals.

Administrative Excellence Award

Recognising administrative support staff who provide a professional, and often personal, supportive function that enables managers to work more effectively.

WINNER: KERRYN BAKER, Administrative Officer for Research and Ethics, Medical Services

Kerryn has been employed at the Eye and Ear since 1996 and goes about her work in the most professional way, is consistent, reliable and calm while delivering on promises. For over a decade Kerryn has worked as Secretary of the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC). Her role on the committee has allowed a very productive relationship to exist between the researchers and the ethics committee. The HREC is known for its accessibility and close working relationship with the researchers and this has been ably facilitated by Kerryn.

The Nursing Excellence Award

For outstanding leadership in nursing care; commitment to providing and improving family-centred patient care; encouraging others to strive to achieve; advocating the advancement of the nursing profession and the value of research in improving clinical care.


Sue has been nursing at the Eye and Ear since 2009 and is a compassionate, caring and a dedicated nurse who embraces change. Sue is involved in ENT nursing projects and attends the ENT clinic at the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service and is part of our Alice Springs hospital program. She has been a key driver in the development of, and hopefully soon to commence, ENT nurse-led clinic.

Allied Health Award

For outstanding leadership and commitment to patient care; and acknowledges creative thinking that results in positive outcomes for our patients, an improved working environment or improved hospital systems.

WINNER: STEPHANIE TSONIS, Senior Clinician Orthoptist

Stephanie has been a well-respected member at the Eye and Ear since 2009. During this time she has been integral to nurturing the professional development of the Orthoptic Department and has managed a number of projects including the Optometry-Ophthalmology Workforce Collaboration project with the Australian College of Optometry. The success of this project has reduced patients attending hospital for low acuity disease and has produced better quality of information for new patients referred as a result of their optometric consultation. The project was presented at World Association of Eye Hospitals Conference in Bangkok in June 2012.